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Understanding the basics about workers comp helps small business owners navigate the often confusing and frustrating aspects of this insurance while assuring your coverage is compliant and cost effective.

Do I Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

Yes, Workers Compensation is required by law however, the laws differ from state to state; some states require government provided coverage whereas others allow private insurers. In most states Workers Compensation is required for small business owners with more than one employee. WCCOP can assist you in locating the best policy and premium for your small business needs.

How Does Workers Compensation Benefit the Small Business Owner?

Workers Compensation was created to protect employees from the expense of a work related injury or illness but small business owners also benefit from providing affordable Workers Compensation insurance by reducing your risk of lawsuits if an employee is accidentally injured on the job. Without workers comp insurance, a lawsuit could put you out of business; you could be held liable for the entire amount of healthcare costs in the event of a work-related injury or illness. Workers comp provides the necessary insurance to ensure the safety of your employees and reduce your risk at the same time.

Who Doesn’t Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

It varies from state to state but not every worker is required to be covered by workers comp insurance. Typically full time employees are covered but Independent Contractors, temporary and other part-time employees may not require coverage.

What Does Workers Compensation Insurance Cover?

In the event of a work related injury or illness workers compensation benefits may cover all or part of the following:

Health and Medical care
Prescription Drugs
Therapy and Rehabilitation
Lost wages
Survivor benefits

How Can Small Business Owners Reduce Workers Compensation Costs?

Many small business owners are surprised to learn they may be able to reduce the cost of workers’ comp insurance premium. Speak to a WCCOP representative for more information and follow these quick tips:

Make sure your business is classified in the appropriate risk category.
Find out whether additional safety precautions will reduce your premiums.
Keep your safety record in tip top shape.
Compare deductibles.

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