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Payroll Services

Not sure if your business would benefit from payroll services provided by one of WCCOP’s network of providers? Pick up the phone to speak to a WCCOP representative and see for yourself how your company can benefit! In fact, we are so confident you will not find better support or expertise that we encourage you to contact us even if you are not a current client! Of course, WCCOP clients can always expect fast, friendly and expert service at NO CHARGE from our dedicated team of specialists.

Workers Comp Co-Op is a broker representing many full service PEO and Employee Leasing administration providers so you can select the right one for your business! Our Payroll Consultants match your business with the best PEO plan available to administer your payroll, benefits, unemployment insurance and workers compensation claims. Here are just a few of the services your business might benefit from:

Payroll Services

  • Payroll Processing: Error free and on-time payrolls!
  • Time sheets & Records: Fax or email payroll on the weekday of your choice.
  • Pay Schedules including Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly etc.
  • Special Pay Schedules: Bonus, Commissions or other reasons as needed.
  • Multiple States: Capable of processing multiple locations in multiple states.
  • Direct Deposit
  • Earnings & Deduction Codes customized to your business.
  • Payroll Bank Account Reconciliation

Payroll Services and Employment Service Reports

  • Invoice and Invoice Services: Save time by writing one check to cover everything related to payroll including wages, withholding taxes, garnished wages, insurance and workers compensation plus much more!
  • Payroll Reports: Easy to read reports for all of your small business payroll services.
  • Custom Reports: Custom reports for special needs related to location expenses, job costing or other related needs.
  • Account Codes: Customize earnings and deduction codes to specifically match your General Ledger Accounts.
  • Employee Census Reports: Convenient, easy to access information on all of your employees including reports of current addresses, wages, and position histories.

Payroll Taxes Including Withholding and Filing

  • Tax Deposits: Take control of late fees and other penalties by allowing the PEO to process and pay payroll tax withholdings and liabilities!
  • Quarterly Filings including Federal (941’s), State (UCT-6’s), and Municipal taxes.
  • Annual Filing: Federal (940’s), State, and Municipalities filed electronically.
  • Year End Processing: W-2’s and W-3’s produced at no additional cost
  • Tax Law Changes: Up to date information on federal, state, and local changes in tax laws.

Small Business Payroll Support Services

  • Automated Time and Attendance: Eliminate duplicate data entry of hours while achieving better control in the workplace.
  • Garnishment Administration: Keep payroll deductions processed in a timely fashion and in compliance with governmental agencies.
  • Wage Verification & Employment Inquiries: Inquires are processed with fast and friendly service!
  • Court Ordered Record Requests: Subpoenas and requests for wage or employment information receive the same professional service that you would provide!
  • New Hire Reporting: Accurately and timely compliance with all state required information so you can rest easy!
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