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Work Comp CO-OP provides direct support with immediate availability to all of our clients: large or small through our dedicated and motivated team of associates and staff. 

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  • Work Comp Co-op Safeguarding Businesses and Employees
  • A Unified Approach to Insurance Coverage
  • Enhanced Coverage and Cost Savings
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Our ability to quote and shop multiple insurance carriers allows us
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Our payroll consultants can answer questions regarding the hiring of a
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Business Compliance and HR

WCCOP can help you locate and implement the exact services required
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Trust the experts for all your Workers Comp Needs.

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Workers Compensation Insurance for Contractors


Our full coverage program goes beyond the basics, ensuring that your workforce receives the support they need in case of work-related injuries, illnesses, or accidents.

  • Occupational Injury and Illness Coverage
  • Lost Wages and Disability Benefits
  • Rehabilitation and Return-to-Work Programs
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