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Our ability to quote and shop multiple insurance carriers allows us to assist people looking for insurance without having to get tied down to one carrier only.

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Our ability to quote and shop multiple insurance carriers allows us
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Our payroll consultants can answer questions regarding the hiring of a
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Business Compliance and HR

WCCOP can help you locate and implement the exact services required
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Trust the experts for all your Workers Comp needs.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a PEO?

PEO stands for “Professional Employer Organization”. PEO’s provide cost-effective outsourcing services to small and large business owners including human resource management, employee benefits, payroll services and workers’ compensation services

Many small business owners are able to benefit from the services provided by a competent and knowledgeable PEO service. WCCOP handles many different types of companies, industries and sizes ranging from small one man operations to relatively large accounts. However, each and every business receives the same level of professionalism and individual support!

Your employees benefit from professional human resource services, training, employee manuals, safety services and improved communications. Depending upon your specific needs a PEO can also provide employees with an expanded employee benefits package that includes a 401(k), life insurance, disability insurance, discount plans, a flexible spending plan and comprehensive benefits. In fact, by contracting with WCCOP, you and your employees may be able to obtain affordable, comprehensive benefits including health insurance, dental and vision care, life insurance, retirement saving plans, job counseling, adoption assistance, and educational benefits!
Contracting with WCCOP is truly a Win-Win Situation!

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